Donors chair KDm-1

Donors chair KDm-1

Purpose: used in blood banks, clinics.

Description: Universal donor chair has adjustable backrest position of sections and lifting the leg section. Donor chair has wide armrests and stand for injections. Chair covered with thick upholstery. The base seat and base frame are made of steel profile tubes. Metal parts of chair have a white polymer coating. Chair disinfection is made by one of the solutions: formalin 3%, chloramine 1%, 3% hydrogen peroxide, calcium hypochlorite salt 0.25%.

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Technical data:

Dimensions (lenght, width, height), mm: 1950х1250х1200…1800

Seats width, mm: 600

Seats height, mm: 560

Weight, kg:  25

Load, kg: 200 kg

Folding design

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