Lifting platform PPN-150(L)

Lifting platform PPN-150(L)

Lifting platform with a vertical movement can solves the problem of overcoming architectural barriers in the case of small changes in elevation. The platfom PPN-150 comes in two versions: portable and stationary with a protective cover. Model PPN-150 L is equipped with a fixed seat and establishing in a hospital, orthopedic, rehabilitation institutions to create an enabling environment for people with disabilities static-dynamic functions during various procedures by doctors and rehabilitators.

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Technical data Lifting platform PPN-150(L):

Lifting capacity kg, not more   200

Suspension height, mm  not more   930

Useable space of platform, m2,  min  1,1

Overall dimensions, mm, not more  W*L*H   1,9х0,9х1,2

Type - Electromechanical

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