Stationary lift PGR-150 RS

Stationary lift PGR-150 RS

Stationary lift PGR 150 RS with manual transmission use in health care facilities, at home for moving people with disabilities of a wheelchair or bed to the room,to the bathroom and other rooms. The lift can be rotated at 360 ° and locked in 8 positions.

Lowering and lifting of the person is carried by a lever hydraulic jack. Overall height (from min to max) is equal to 1800 mm. Installation of the lift to the floor is done using eight anchor bolts.

Price: 40 800 UAH

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Technical data Stationary lift PGR-150 RS:

Lifting capacity kg, not more   125

Suspension height, mm  min/max   1200/2200

Overall dimensions, mm, not more:

   - width  720(250)

   - length 1450

   - height  2300

Weight, kg, not more   40

Type - hydraulic

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