Collapsible transverse rampant

Collapsible transverse rampant

       Portable rampants are used to overcome the steps and curbs. Rampants are characterized by modern design and functionality, have convenient handles for transportation, have safe surface. A portable rampant is designed to overcome the obstacles of equal height.

This rampant is a perfect choice in order to overcome the large difference in height. Can be folded in length, takes a bit of storage space, easy to transport.


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Technical data Collapsible transverse rampant:


Height between the levels, ≤ mm

Working length, mm

Working width, mm


≤ kg per couple


≤ kg



PRP-100 200 1000 750 18 300 1200x790x43
PRP-150 300 1500   750 23 300 1700x790x43
PRP-200 400 2000 750 29 300 2200x790x43
PRP-250 500 2500 750 34 300 2700x790x43
PRP-300  600 3000  750 39 300 3200x790x43


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