Office pillow with "memory effect" PO-10

Office pillow with

Description: Pillow under the head made ​​of viscoplastic foam with "memory effect". Able to repeat individual contours and curves of the head and neck. Provides a flexible support for your head and neck in proper anatomical position. The design is made in the form of two rollers of different heights. Equipped a removable cover on a zip.


  • to provide physiologically comfortable position and sitting in a chair. To reduce the load on the muscles of the back and cervical spine; improve circulation and normal blood circulation in the pelvic area; to reduce the vertical load on the spine;
  • can be used in the treatment of post-traumatic falcon and spine.
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Technical data Office pillow with "memory effect" PO-10:

Height, mm: 90

Lenght, mm: 400

Width, mm: 400

Weight, kg: 0.86

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