Medium set Tr-MK2

Medium set Tr-MK2

Set includes:

frame base of rehabilitation complex with motor modules;

rigid suspensions;

elastic suspensions;

Supporting belts for the legs, head, pelvis and ankle joints;

Weights from 1 kg to 5 kg.



 The versatile complex for hanging therapy can be used in 2 different methods:

1) System of blocks and suspensions with using the rehabilitation couch or armchair;

2) Dynamic support system in the “Weightlessness” cage using the belt and elastic cords.

With the help of a unique method of hanging and block therapy (kinesitherapy), it is possible to relieve muscles, approaching to the state of weightlessness, and effectively to load them when it is needed. Suspension therapy helps to strengthen the muscles and is effective even in cases where the patient can’t move independently in space. Such an effect is achieved by applying a suspension system, during which the patient can move without fear of falling. With the help of the suspension system, you can maximally unload and relax various muscle groups and this can reduce the pain syndrome.

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Technical data:

Overall dimensions of the cage:

(length / width / height), mm: 2500 * 2100 * 2200

Maximum load (maximum patient weight) should be no more than, kg: 180.

Maximum load per rope should be no more than, kg: 20.

weight up to, kg: 300.


Overall dimensions of the organizer with a set of accessories for the "Graviton-1" complex:

(length / height), mm: 2000 * 1500.

weight up to, kg: 50


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